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Online store | Own product | Online for over 1 year | Turnover €128,685.00

We sell an online store in the DACH region with a turnover of over €128,000. Own product, therefore no copy possible


Online store in the DACH area, online for over 1 year, over €128,000 turnover.

For sale is an online store in the German-speaking DACH area. The online store only sells one product, which was developed by us and we have the exact formula + certificates of analysis from a German laboratory. The product falls under the category of dietary supplements.

We currently have approx. 2000 products in stock, with a purchase price of approx. 4€ this makes 
that is a stock value of over 8000€.

You can purchase the following package:

✅ Professionally set up online store incl. product
✅ Stock of 2000 finished units ready for immediate sale (value of goods over €8000)
✅ Complete branding and design package incl. professional images
✅ Elaborately designed and eye-catching packaging design  
✅ Broadcasting rights for social media (Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook) 
✅ Own product, with analysis reports & formula
✅ Reliable manufacturer and process

👉🏼 The product is primarily aimed at athletes, anyone who wants a certain energy boost. However, the product is also used by students, pupils and other target groups.

Why are we selling the brand?

We started the brand 15 months ago and are now very proud of its success so far. We are two founders and now have several projects and we don't have the time to continue this project, we hope that we will find a buyer who is as committed to the project as we are. 

We still see great opportunities for the online store as we haven't tried many forms of marketing yet, so far we have only advertised on Meta and TikTok and with limited ads.

⭐️ Another plus point is that the branding is modern and can therefore also end up in retail stores (e.g. DM).

👉🏼 Perfect for anyone who has always wanted to fulfill their entrepreneurial dream but doesn't have the time to develop an elaborate brand themselves due to their job. Save time on development, setup, freight, branding and get started with your own brand right away.

We offer the perfect solution, with purchase you get: 

✅ Introduction to the store system via Zoom/Google Meet
✅ A complete online store "ready to go"
✅ Contact to a reliable wholesaler
✅ Transfer of the social media channels
✅ Transfer of the domain
✅ Transfer of the trademark rights
✅ All design templates, technical drawings, professional images

Of course, we will also be at your side after the sale to make the transition as easy as possible for you. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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Seller: PartyDoc
Published on:28.11.2023
Seller last active:this week

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