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Skin Supplement Business with 174k turnover and 105k profit

URL: Privat
1 product - online sales on autopilot - since 2018 - EBIT Ø 22.7K / year


The most important facts in brief

The target group is positioned in the DACH region. With 1,983 purchase transactions so far, 4520 cans shipped and € 173,395 in sales turnover, the shop has sufficient scaling potential for a million-dollar business.

The shop

The landing pages generate an average purchase conversion rate of 4.6%. The sales funnel targets a high shopping basket value (> 100 EUR). The product formula convinces 96.1% of all customers (3.4% cancellation rate - 0.5% chargebacks). The average customer value is € 301.50 and the customer with the highest purchasing power achieves an order value of € 1,963.

Transaction processing is fully automated, from sales to payment processing and delivery. The entire invoicing and country-dependent tax deduction of product sales is handled by a German order processor. Thanks to the interface to the logistics partner, all orders are shipped the same day with DHL Express.

Traffic sources

The traffic source so far is purely organic without advertising spend, e.g. via books/books, newsletter campaigns, trade press/forums, as well affiliate.

Key figures

In total, the high-quality capsule product generated a sales turnover of €173,395 and a net profit of €105,794.

Total turnover: €181,709.59
less € -6,186.19 (refunds from cancellations/cancellations/double orders)
Sales turnover: € 174,568.10
minus € -39,444.33 (transaction fees, country-specific VAT, affiliate commissions)
Distribution from order processor: €135.123,77
minus € -29,778.48 (product, fullfillment/shipping, labelling)
Net profit: €105,345.29 (before entrepreneur's salary)

Business model, market environment and positioning

Die Marke und das Produkt (OTC/NEM) sind in einem wachstumsstarken Gesundheitsmarkt eingeführt, in dem die Ausgabebereitschaft gesundheitsbewusster Endverbraucher seit einigen Jahren deutlich steigt. Die Nettomarge von 61-71% nach Abzug von Produkt, Versand, Mehrwertsteuer und Transaktionsgebühren ist ebenfalls beeindruckend.

Company phase

The previously passive visitor numbers can be realistically scaled up to a high 6 to low 7-figure annual turnover with proactive advertising measures such as ROI-strong PPC marketing. Furthermore, secondary sales via third-party platforms are possible.

Selection of successor

Thanks to acquisition, potential successors can skip the business set-up and immediately take over a running and profitable online shop. Previous knowledge and experience in e-commerce as well as online marketing are advantageous. The business can be transferred to any legal form regardless of the country.


The business is characterised by an effective sales process and low fixed costs. The high net margins, the high degree of automation and the enormous scaling potential, as well as the value chain with manufacturing, sales and shipping in Germany are worth highlighting.

with optimised sales funnel and domains
with affiliates
with customer base and email list
with brand rights, product rights and copyrights
with know-how and technology transfer
with 3 months training and support

Selling price
Ø EBIT 22.7K*3.5
In the file attachment you can see more information (including Google Analytics, annual sales & EBIT). In addition, there is an anonymised transaction extract of the repeat buyers.


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Seller: rocketbusiness
Published on:24.04.2023
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