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High perfoming Website & e-commerce Platform for handmade Ceramics

online since 2020, Metapixel + Customer Data, exclusive selling rights, 300% increase per Year


- The website was professionally built in 2020 and has been online since.
- Current Google ranking: 1st place.
- Proudly receives 160 organic visitors per day.
- Over 74,000 paid visitors per month.
- Equipped with a Meta Pixel containing valuable customer data.
- Impressive monthly revenue of approximately €16,000 from advertising.
- Additionally generates €500-€1,000 in monthly revenue without advertising.
- Available with an exclusive product sourcing agreement for Germany, Austria, and the UK.
- Fully developed E-Commerce store.

www.tablechemistry.com is an established and highly profitable website that was professionally developed in 2020. With an impressive 1st-page ranking on Google and 160 organic daily visitors, this site is a popular destination for those interested in table culture and chemistry.

The remarkable monthly revenue of around €16,000 from advertising and additional monthly revenue of €500-€1,000 without advertising make this website a lucrative income source. It also comes with a Meta Pixel containing valuable customer data, greatly enhancing the potential for targeted marketing campaigns.

Another advantage of this offering is the exclusive product sourcing agreement for Germany, Austria, and the United Kingdom, providing the opportunity to place products in the market and further expand.

This website is not only a comprehensive E-Commerce store but also an established brand in a growing market segment. If you are looking for a unique opportunity to enter e-commerce or expand your existing presence, www.tablechemistry.com is the perfect choice.

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Seller: BenjaminVeltman
Published on:03.09.2023
Seller last active:im September 2023

» Kingzman Tattoobedarf Branded - approx. 4.000Euro turnover/month - margin 250%
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