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Sell your domain successfully - tips for selling domains

Do you want to sell your domain? Then you are at the right place--Mabya is an online marketplace for online projects and domains. Place your domain for sale on Mabya and get the highest price possible.

In order to sell your domain on Mabya, you need to log in first. If you don't have login information yet, you can register for free on Mabya.

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Sell your domain successfully

Here on Mabya, the selling-prices for domains are reached through negotiations. You will need to use your negotiating skills to get the best price. When you place your product for sale on Mabya.de, you enter a minimum price that you want for your domain and that potential buyers cannot see. Potential buyers must meet this minimum price in order to tender an offer.

The buyer tenders you are offer, and you will be asked: Would like to sell your domain for this price, or would you rather make the potential buyer a counter-offer? If you choose to make the interested party a counter-offer, s/he has the chance to respond: either the person rejects your offer or accepts it and buys your domain.

How to sell your domain successfully/h3>

It is not easy to close a sale on a domain successfully. You will not always be able to get the price you actually want when you sell a domain. Be that as it may, we want to give you 5 tips so that you can sell your domain successfully:

  • Don't set your minimum price too high
  • Ask yourself if you would pay the same price for the domain
  • Don't take the first tender made just so you can sell your domain quickly
  • Negotiate instead of rejecting a tender
  • Set your minimum price lower than your desired price.

The last tip is especially important: if you want to sell your domain for 500 Euros, that is your desired price. Don't set your minimum price at 500 Euros--try 400 instead. That way, you can enter into negotiations and can negotiate upwards towards your desired price.

Please remember, though, that you should not ask for unrealistically high prices; evaluate the price of the domain objectively.