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Name / Description Price

Sell affiliate website in the drone sector - 1,000 euros revenue


Zum Verkauf steht die Webseite inkl. Content und Domain

20.000,00 €

Excel Templates Directory for DACH Market (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland)


Excel Templates Directory for DACH Market (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) Monetized with Google AdSense.


Startup founder blog for sale


Attractive website with blog function and opportunities for affiliate business


Sale of a technology blog with ~600 visitors per month


Technology blog since 2015, annual revenue of 1000€, 20 - 50 daily visits, 1400 posts, good SEO values, for sale.


Online magazine with 300,000 visitors per month

URL: private

As I am planning a reorientation, I would like to sell my web project 'Online magazine with 300,000 visitors per month'.


Website "HappyEltern.de" for sale [Blog for pregnant women / parents-to-be]


For sale: HappyEltern.de, popular parenting site, 100k monthly visitors, revenue, transitional help.


Sell ​​affiliate site + KDP book listing in a small niche


Sell ​​affiliate site + KDP book listing in a small niche

55.000,00 €

2500€/Month Affiliate Website

URL: private

Successful Amazon affiliate website in the field of clothing with a monthly profit of 2500€.

On Mabya you can purchase blogs that already have content and visitors. You thus need only add further content, seeing as there is already a stream of visitors to the blog who read its contents. Here is the best part: you do not need to spend a lot of time and energy constructing the blog--you begin with a running system right away. There are currently 8 blogs for sale.

Buy a blog the easy way

Owing to our many years of experience on the marketplace for online projects, we, too, know how hard it can be to buy a blog. That's why Mabya is all about easy usage and quick transactions. If you want to buy a blog, you can look at the range of products for sale and make tenders for blogs that interest you.

Buying blogs through negotiations

On our platform, all offers are made through negotiations. That means that you need to make the seller an offer if you want to buy a blog. If the seller agrees to your tender, the sale is closed, and you have purchased the blog. The seller can, however, enter into negotiations and make you a counter-offer, which will be presented to you. Now you decide which path you want to take: do you want to accept the seller's counter-offer, or will you negotiatiate further?

Why buy a blog?

Many roads lead to Rome, and there are also many reasons why you should buy a blog. A blog is a special and very popular form of website. Earlier, people used blogs as online journals, but today entire blogs are devoted to specific themes, and many provide accurate news coverage or contain editorial remarks.

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