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Sell your website/brand for the highest price without having to take risks

Do you want to sell your website? Then you are at the right place! Mabya is the leading marketplace for selling websites.

  • Present your website to thousands of interested parties.
  • You take no risk, you sell your website only after receipt of payment.
  • Over 8.771 customers trust Mabya.

Price overview

DomainSocial-Media AccountStarter WebseiteEtablierte WebseiteDienstleistungen
9,00 €*free*19,00 €*39,00 €*69,00 €

* One time price (plus VAT for customers from Germany) Sales commission: 8%


Full control

No hidden costs, no monthly payment and no bullshit.


Full transparency

No hidden costs, no monthly payment and no bullshit.


Maximum reach

Thousands of prospects and potential buyers visit Mabya.de (monthly)

How does sales work at Mabya?

  • The interested buyer submits a bid and starts the negotiation.
  • The seller can reject the bid, accept it or submit a counterbid.
  • If an agreement is reached after the negotiations, Mabya will take action.
  • The buyer receives an invoice from Mabya and must transfer the purchase price to Mabya.
  • After receipt of payment, the seller transfers the website to the buyer.
  • The buyer confirms receipt of the website.
  • Mabya transfers the purchase price to the seller.
Advantages of Mabya
  1. You advertise your website (or app) on Mabya.com
  2. We promote your website and inform interested parties for you.
  3. You negotiate with potential buyers.
  4. You decide on the buyer and the price.

Our services

If you want to sell your website, you should choose a platform which offers you the largest and most relevant reach in Germany. Independently of, whether you want to sell an already established project or whether you want to sell a website, which just went online a few months ago, Mabya is the right platform.

  1. Your website will stay online forever on Mabya.
  2. Your advertisement will be shared on our social media channels.
  3. Your ad will be sent to 7.551,00 subscribers in a newsletter.

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