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trendbull.de Premium - Online Shop created with Baumdick GmbH

ready-made sales engine built according to the Baumdick method


I sell a ready-made online store on Shopify - basis, which was created with many working hours by me personally. I did it according to the Thorben Baumdick method to be able to achieve maximum conversion and sell guaranteed "winning products".
Only for the instructions of Baumdick GmbH I paid € 3600,- at that time.

The store is ready and online. Due to the takeover of the family business I had to use my time elsewhere and did not set the last steps. After 1-2 days of work everything should work.

The store has a ready Facebook and Instagram account.

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How does the sale work?

Seller: wieserjosie
Published on:07.09.2023
Seller last active:im März 2024


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