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Million chance - online store with over 350.000€ turnover in the last 90 days

Over 100.000€ turnover per month, exclusive supplier connection.


Revenue in Euro Profit in Euro
625.000,00 95.000,00


Project Type: E-Commerce
Income Source: Physical Products
Platform: Shopify
Do you want to enter the world of e-commerce or expand your existing online business? We offer you the opportunity to acquire an established and highly profitable online store: www.minimich.de.

About us:

Our online store was established in November 2022 and has become a lucrative source of revenue in a very short time. With a turnover of almost 700.000€, including more than 350.000€ in the last 90 days, our store shows impressive growth. In the last 90 days, we achieved a gross profit of almost 100,000€ (after deducting production and marketing costs and transaction fees), and the profit after deducting sales tax is over 30,000€.

Our strengths:

1. exclusive supplier connection: Unlike other suppliers, we have found a reliable supplier in China who manufactures products in their own factory. Thanks to this private supplier relationship, we offer exclusive prices and excellent product quality.

2. fast delivery* With a production time of only about 7 days and subsequent shipment of 5 to 7 business days, we can deliver to customers quickly, resulting in high customer satisfaction.

3. Enormous growth potential: Our online store is primarily focused on the German market, but offers significant international growth potential. So far, our marketing has not been fully optimized, and we have not yet exhausted

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Seller: qendrim
Published on:18.10.2023
Seller last active:last week


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