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Unique opportunity: your gold mine in electric mobility!

Profitable e-mobility e-commerce with 200K€ annual turnover, 13% margin, 7 supplier contacts. Take advantage of the untapped pot


Project Type: E-Commerce
Income Source: Physical Products
Platform: Shopify
Unique opportunity: your gold mine in the e-bike market.

You have the opportunity to enter an established e-commerce business that has only reached a fraction of its potential. Welcome to ecoBlitz, a website that has set new standards in the world of electric mobility.

Why is ecoBlitz so special?

- High revenue potential: with an annual revenue of 200,000€ and a margin of 13%, ecoBlitz is a real gold mine. But this is just the beginning. I only invested 20% of my time to reach these numbers. No advertising / social media was ever used to build awareness. You could fully realize the potential and increase profits exponentially.

- No inventory, no import costs: thanks to our dropshipping model, you don't have to worry about inventory or import costs. We already have seven reliable supplier contacts ranging from electric bicycles to electric scooters, mopeds, motorcycles and even small cars delivered directly to your customers.

- Strong brand value: ecoBlitz has made a name for itself as a one-stop shop for environmentally friendly mobility. Our customers appreciate the quality and service we provide.

Why am I selling ecoBlitz?

Although ecoBlitz can become an even bigger success story in the right hands, I haven't had the time to fully focus on it. I work hard on the side and have only put 20% of my energy into this business. Nevertheless, I have achieved impressive results.

Your chance to take over ecoBlitz:

This is your opportunity to join an established company and realize your full entrepreneurial potential. Electromobility is on the rise, and ecoBlitz has everything it takes to be at the forefront of this movement.

Don't hesitate - secure ecoBlitz and turn it into a true success story. Contact me today to discuss further details and seize this unique opportunity.

Additional Benefits:
- Willingness to answer additional questions
- Personal phone call
- Referral to suppliers and business contacts

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Ihre Anzeige habe ich grad gelesen und ich hätte große Interesse an dem Shop.

Bitte um Info bzgl. dem Verkauf und Umwandlung in CH.

Auf eine baldige Rückmeldung von dir würde ich mich sehr freuen.

Yannick Kenfack W.


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Seller: ElectricFuture
Published on:25.10.2023
Seller last active:im April 2024


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