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Shopify online jewelry store with scalability

Gold plated jewelry, customer list, social media, scalable potential.


Project Type: E-Commerce
Income Source: Physical Products
Platform: Shopify
Our brand has been established on the German market since the beginning of 2023, specializing in the sale of high-quality jewelry made of 18-carat gold-plated stainless steel. Our main focus is on the female target group, which has been the largest part of our customers so far. Our sales activities have been mainly limited to Germany, and there is significant potential for scaling to expand our reach. In addition, we have invested the majority of our marketing budget in Meta Ads, which means there is still room to leverage other marketing channels.

Why is the sale of the store pending?
The sale of our online store is planned for the following reason: We realize that marketing and creating creative content requires more time than we currently have available. We want to dedicate that time to other projects.

What is sold with:
The online store including the associated domain (Shopify store).
An inventory worth 5,000€.
A Facebook pixel.
A customer list
Social media accounts with over 12000 subscribers (Instagram).
Existing packaging
Existing photos and videos.
Contacts with our suppliers.
How can the buyer improve the store?
The store has not yet reached its full potential in German-speaking countries. There is also the possibility of entering the international market, where there is considerable growth potential and sales can be increased. The online store has already been optimized to the highest level. The future owner only needs to improve and optimize the marketing to increase the conversion rate. In addition, alternative sales channels such as TikTok, GoogleAds and Pinterest can be tested.

What happens after the purchase?
After the purchase of the store, all access data will be transferred and we will discuss all relevant issues with the buyer in detail. We will also assist the buyer in the first weeks after the purchase and ensure a smooth transition period.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Seller: ctlkya
Published on:01.11.2023
Seller last active:last week

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