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Amazon FBA Business - Europe-wide sales - Very good reviews

Products are sold in 3 different categories throughout Europe | High-quality product listing and very good ratings


Project Type: E-Commerce
Platform: Amazon FBA
Acquire an FBA business that is fully developed and mainly requires inventory management.

The company was founded in 2019 and the first private label products went online on the Amazon marketplace DE at the beginning of 2020. This was followed by a steady expansion of the product platform with equity and debt capital. The product listings, images and product quality are at the highest level, which means that new reviews are constantly going online (+7,000 reviews on Amazon). Furthermore, new sales prices in the upper price segment were successfully developed.

In 2022, OSS (ONE STOP SHOP) was activated and sales were launched across Europe in the following countries in addition to Germany and Austria Italy, France, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden and Spain.

In 2023, PAN-EU storage was activated with the provider Taxdoo to A: save storage costs and B: receive prime shipping in other EU countries, which in turn increases sales through faster delivery times abroad, the tax connection is very simple thanks to DATEV.

2020: Net turnover approx. 66,617.92€ 
2021: Net sales approx. € 252,325.93 / approx. EBITDA = € 42,644
2022: Net sales approx. 436,235.98€ / approx. EBITDA = 55,529€
2023: Net sales approx. 563,089.46€ / approx. EBITDA = 79,329€
2024: Sales forecast: approx. € 840,000.00 (In the past year 2023, new products went online in November / December, i.e. 2024 still has growth potential)

-The reimbursement rate in 2023 is a very low 4.22% with over 40,654 units sold
-ROI is approx. 158.9% for the year 2023.
-The seller performance of all marketplaces DE + EU are classified as "healthy" and of the storage quantity or storage space of Amazon only approx. 8.2% of 100% is utilised.
-In order to keep Amazon's storage costs low, some of the goods are stored privately. This can be used further at low cost if necessary, see below under "If desired".  

Trade mark:
This is a DPMA-registered word/figurative mark "JK Trade", which is now also recognised on Amazon and therefore has organic search volume.

The products are produced by 3 manufacturers in China, with each manufacturer specialising in a niche. One producer became a sourcing agent in 2023 and can be reached 24/7 via WeChat ("Chinese WhatsApp") with very good English. This contact can have almost all products produced cost-effectively as a local and submit offers more favourably than comparable manufacturers on Alibaba. Placing an order is child's play. Simply tell the manufacturer the desired quantity and product name and he will take care of it. The import is very clearly organised with FORTO and the support is very easy to reach. We are also happy to provide assistance.  

-Inventory: With the connected tool "Sellerboard" you have a very good overview of the current inventory and can always fill it to e.g. 30-60 days stock. -Advertising: Advertising on Amazon, also known as PPC (Pay Per Click), requires little monitoring as the campaigns are optimised. A fortnightly check is recommended, which I can personally help with, see below under "If required".
-Customer communication: If a buyer has a problem with a product, templates can be used to solve the problem. This requires very little effort and usually takes less than five minutes. As a rule, there are 0-3 messages to answer per month, which is only done with a refund or the manual sending of the invoice (because the customer cannot find it).
-To summarise, this can result in a working week of around 5 hours or less.
-On average 2 hours per month are needed for bookkeeping. There is a very detailed step-by-step guide with links to the relevant websites.

Automated processes:
-Invoice creation via Easybill (upload of invoices, refunds, cancellations, etc. is fully automated).
-Taxdoo connection: Creates DATEV tax documents for the tax consultant.
-Amazon automatically stores sellable returns.
-Returns that cannot be sold (defective packaging) can either be donated, destroyed or sent back (reconditioned).  

Product quality:
As a trained tool mechanic in the field of stamping and forming technology, the quality of the goods is particularly important to me. With my expertise, all products have been further developed over time to become particularly sustainable. The slogan is: Sustainability through longevity

Opportunities for growth:
-own webshop
-Connect to Amazon UK and US
-Retail and B2B customers
-Further expand product portfolio (I have over 50 additional product ideas suitable for the individual categories, which I will be happy to provide)

If desired:
-You will receive 1:1 support via telephone, WhatsApp or Zoom Call for three months to answer any questions you may have or to help you with an order, for example.
-Permanent account and PPC support is available from the fourth month for €400/month
-Private storage can continue to be used until the end of 2024 for an additional charge and we will send your goods to the Amazon warehouse twice a month on request.
-If further account management is desired from the 3rd month onwards, this is negotiable as a service (freelancer). From ordering, importing, support of advertising campaigns, product creation, images and text design, everything to do with Amazon is possible.

Reason for selling:
As a child, I always had the dream of emigrating or exploring the world... And to be honest, that voice inside me is getting louder and louder. I personally never had a career aspiration, let alone an idea of what I wanted to do. So I ended up in the industry with a single application after my school days, and I remained loyal to it for 15 years. With the founding of JK-Trade, new doors have suddenly opened and I now know where I personally want to go. In the future, I would like to live independently of location, get to know new cultures and, in the best case, provide account / PPC support. The business is going very well and I am also very happy with the growth of this first company.

It's time to let go, break new ground and put this business in your hands!

Why buy now?
Our products convince our customers with high-quality images, texts, brand store, product quality and of course the high number of very good reviews.

Buy now and acquire a successful company with great growth potential in the individual niches.

If you are interested, please contact us with an initial net purchase price idea.
Current stock value approx. 70k.

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