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Mini FBA Company with Over €100,000 Revenue from Just 2 Listings, EU Trademark

€103,052.50 in revenue, 7,706 units ordered, 35,976 sessions, 19.07% conversion rate


We are selling our FBA business with a corporate base in Ireland, where taxes and operational costs are significantly lower than in Germany. This allows you to undercut competition in Germany and other European countries aggressively and become a bestseller with far fewer reviews!

It has become impossible for Germans to obtain an Irish business base with a corporate bank account and VAT ID. This company has everything you need, including VAT IDs for the most important EU countries.

What you will receive:
- An Irish Limited company, established and ready for immediate business operation
- Two corporate bank accounts in Ireland
- VAT IDs in 8 EU countries
- A registered EU trademark
- A corporate identity design from a leading designer, including logos, product design, website, and more
- A company website: ysamin.com
- Professionally designed Amazon listings and product images
- Two successful Amazon product listings: Jojoba oil (280 reviews, 4.7 stars) and Argan oil (442 reviews, 4.5 stars)
- A reliable and affordable accountant in Ireland who also handles administrative tasks such as registering a new managing director, transferring company shares, etc.

Note: Argan oil has been sold out since February 2024. Jojoba oil is available with nearly 10,000 units in stock (as of February 2024), with a current inventory value of €34,332.93 and a sales potential of €109,701.18 - €126,885.70, depending on the final price.

Sales track record of the last 12 months:
- €103,052.50 in sales
- 7,706 units ordered
- 35,976 sessions
- 19.07% conversion rate
Our company setup allowed us to sell our products cheaper than the competition and thereby positioned our Argan oil at the top spot, even though the competition had many more reviews. We did not do this with Jojoba oil because it lasts almost indefinitely, and we preferred a slow sale but higher margin.

Top advantages:
- Tax benefits and minimal administrative hassle in Ireland, an extremely business-friendly location
- Exclusive access to VAT IDs and accounts in Ireland (impossible to get with a new startup if you do not live in Ireland)
- Trusted accountant handling all ongoing tax matters at fair prices
- Ready-made design and established brand originally costing around €25,000
- Two high-converting Amazon listings and a list of suppliers and producers including procurement instructions
- Brand flexibility for expanding into other product categories
- Automated invoicing and VAT reporting through Amazon VAT Services

Ongoing costs:
Approximately €410 monthly for the annual report/balance sheet, VAT service in Ireland, company address with scanning service, hosting and server costs, Amazon VAT Services, fees for the seller account, making the company ultra cost-efficient.

Reason for sale:
I am in the middle of starting an agency and simply do not have the time to expand the product portfolio, optimize the products, and manage the operational business with Amazon. Moreover, I recently moved from Germany to a non-EU country, which further complicates the operational business. Although the business still generates money, it is far from reaching its actual potential.

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Seller: ysamin
Published on:01.05.2024
Seller last active:two weeks ago


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