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Selling my Amazon-FBA, Etsy and Wix-Store

established 2019, revenue over 570k, onboarding possible, warehouse in PL, CZ and Germany


I sell my Amazon FBA, Etsy and Wix Shop. I started with FBA in 2018 or 2019. At the beginning, of course, it was all about dealing with and learning about the subject of FBA. After a few months, a real passion developed and I started with my first product (which of course flopped). But a few products later, the first lucrative product was available. From this point on, the brand and the right direction emerged. \"Soypi\" (Chinese: little nose) was supposed to be inspired by my Chinese friend's little nose. Why does this name fit so well? Well, it sounds good, you could theoretically sell anything with that name and it fits in really well with the current range. This consists of chopsticks of different types and colors, as well as a sushi tableware set. There were also other projects and products planned that were actually already in the pipeline, but were put on hold due to my current condition. There is a lot of love and a classic, timeless design in the shop itself. The products on Amazon have up to 824 verified reviews and the entire seller center is classified as healthy because the seller performance has always been good for me. I also have warehouses in the Czech Republic and Poland so that you can take part in the special FBA program, where you can save money per shipment. Also included in the sale is the Etsy Shop, which already has over 1,500 sales and 255 reviews with an average satisfaction rating of 4.8 or higher. So like you, there is a lot of time and a lot of love in this project, but sometimes that isn't enough to take things further. I'm no longer having fun with the whole topic and would like to start something new with the capital from the sale. I would be happy to introduce YOU to the whole FBA topic and support you for the first 1-2 months if you don't have any experience yet. If you have any questions, just contact me, I'm always ready to answer them.

Oh yes, supply chains, suppliers, warehouses and inventory of around 30k are of course handed over to the buyer. Since the shop opened, 20,000 orders have been purchased and over €570,000 in sales have been generated.

Please only contact us if you are really interested.

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Seller: CW95
Published on:27.03.2024
Seller last active:this week


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