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Online store system in the pet niche selling in 3 countries

URL: Privat
Sales are made to Germany, Australia and Canada. Turnover € 750,000 and profit € 127,000 - a profit margin of just under 17%.


Online store construct in the pet niche, which sells to the following 3 countries: Germany, Australia, Canada. The different countries have achieved the following sales and profits in the last 6-12 months (the countries were launched at different times) (more detailed information in the attached documents):

Turnover: € 750,000.00
Total profit: 127.255,00 €
Profit margin: 16.97%

Turnover: € 585,910.00
Profit: € 112,238.00
Profit margin: 19.16%
Email contacts: 18,100 

Turnover: € 86,212.00
Profit: € 10,588.47
Profit margin: 12.28%
Email contacts: 4,059

Turnover: € 77,883.00
Profit: € 4,428.23
Profit margin: 5.69%
Email contacts: 4,000

Also included are the Facebook Ad Managers, which contain several winning campaigns with different advertising videos for different products, which can be tested at any time, but especially in Q4. 

Great added value! The current supplier can also be taken over. Due to the high volume in the past, you get top prices for the offered products, which would otherwise be rather difficult to get and a good delivery time to the different countries. The contact person speaks perfect English and is very reliable and available at all times. Everything is handled via a very easy-to-use dashboard.

Due to the numerous email contacts that have been collected, additional email marketing also offers enormous potential that has not yet been exploited.

The websites for the different countries are not created with a normal Shopify theme, but with a premium theme from Shrine, which costs $199 each. This gives the websites a high-quality look. 

The reason for the sale is that we have changed our company orientation a little and want to specialize more in the service sector in online marketing. 

More information and questions can be submitted after signing an NDA.

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Published on:20.03.2024
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