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Dubai Real Estate Portal | International with broker contact

A Dubai real estate portal is for sale, which has been in existence for 1.5 years and regularly generates inquiries.


Dubai Real Estate Portal - An Overview
The Dubai real estate market is exceptional and attracts investors worldwide. They are looking for private and high-yielding properties, lured by attractive payment plans, favorable prices and the prospect of a solid investment. Many of these investors need a trustworthy agent to assist them in purchasing a property.

Advantages for the portal owner:
The portal generates inquiries from prospective buyers, which are forwarded to a partner estate agent. In the event of a successful transaction, the portal owner receives 20% of the estate agent's commission. This is usually between 4% and 6% of the sales price. For a property worth €500,000, this corresponds to a commission of around €5,000 for the portal owner. A cooperation with a renowned German estate agent, who also looks after customers in English and Polish, already exists and can be continued.

The inquiries and reach of the portal can of course also be monetized in other ways.

Track record and growth potential:
• Foundation: September 2022
• Organic traffic: Approximately 350 visitors per month
• Traffic value: 200€ per month
• Ranking: Under approx. 480 keywords
• Indexed pages: Available in 6 languages
• Generated leads: Approx. 20 high-quality leads

The forecasts show that the portal can be made significantly more profitable with relatively little effort by expanding its organic reach.

Measures required include:
• Adding more real estate listings
• Expansion of backlinks and SEO optimization
• General improvements to the website

About the founder:
As a professional web developer, I built the portal independently. My expertise includes over 8 years of experience in graphic design, web development and SEO.

Reason for selling:
Due to my numerous projects and the ongoing high workload of my web agency, I lack the time to further develop the portal.

In the course of the sale, I offer comprehensive training and initial adjustments to ensure a smooth transition.

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Seller: alexkibler
Published on:29.03.2024
Seller last active:last month


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