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Premium trading card store | International with interfaces to marketplaces

For sale is a professional trading card online store with many earning opportunities.


Selling a thriving online store for trading cards

In the dynamic market of trading cards, where collectors and gamers worldwide are willing to spend considerable sums on their passion, our online store offers an exceptional opportunity. With a strong presence on social media & a dedicated customer base and ongoing new card editions, our store is at the center of a vibrant community.

Core information:
Foundation: December 2023
Stock: Approx. €12,000 retail value
Items on offer: Around 250
Total turnover: €7,100
Turnover March 2024: €2,900
Orders: 230
Customer database: 340 people
Social media reach: 600 followers on Instagram and TikTok
Discord community: 150 members
Languages: German, English, Spanish

Highlights and unique selling points:
Synchronized interfaces to eBay, Google Shopping and Meta Shop (Classifieds & Cardmarket are planned)
International shipping with a global customer base
Integrated auction platform and sales on behalf of customers with automated commission settlement
Forms for direct purchase and customer order sales of trading cards
Organization of online tournaments for trading card games (largely automated)
Advantageous differential taxation significantly reduces the VAT burden

Sources of income:
Direct purchase and sale: purchase at 50-70% of market value, sale at market prices plus 20-50% mark-up. Margins of 100-150% are common.
Customer order sales: Automated management with a fixed sales fee of €5 and 13% commission.
Online tournaments: Successful organization of three sold-out tournaments with a total of 160 participants.
Buying, grading and selling: Purchase at 60% of market value, with a 50% increase in value after grading.
Sale of OVP items: Resale of items in original packaging.

Market potential and growth:
Value development: many trading cards experience positive value development, which can be used as an investment.
Automated system: The store grows independently, with increasing reach and sales.
Scaling: The stock can be doubled by reinvesting the revenue per quarter, with the possibility of expanding into new areas of the trading card world.

About Sale:
This project has been heavily promoted and expanded over the last few months, and will be in the coming months. The sale is not a distress sale; I am aware of the immense potential of the store. By the end of 2025, a stock level of around €450,000 can be achieved by reinvesting the proceeds without the need for additional capital. With additional capital, significantly higher figures are possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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Seller: alexkibler
Published on:30.03.2024
Seller last active:this week


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