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printparadies24.com A turnkey print-on-demand dropshipping shop

This is a sensational business model for getting into online business without risk


With this print-on-demand online shop, you can design your own brand and have your customers customise and order printed T-shirts, posters & murals, etc. with their slogan and photos. There are no storage costs and you don't need to invest any money upfront. Each order is routed directly to a print shop via online interfaces, from where the corresponding item is printed and dispatched to the customer. 

The average profit margin on all items offered is 15% - 25%. The sales prices can be adjusted and changed at any time. 

IMPORTANT: The domain printparadies24.com represents an inestimable special value.  

It is possible to integrate a live chat to generate more sales. Also the extension with further articles.

The purchase price includes:

- Shopify online shop
- Domain, image and design usage rights 
- Online interfaces to the print shop
- Licences - setup, instruction, etc.

The purchase price is €2,590    

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Seller: Kai2007
Published on:02.04.2024
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