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Amazon FBA product with 269,000 annual sales in 2023. backpack niche

Sale of a registered trademark, two ASINs and product stock. The product inventory is not included in the price.


We are offering the opportunity to purchase our established backpack brand, which has been successfully selling products on Amazon since 2020. This offer includes not only the brand itself, but also the associated Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN). As the product is online and sold daily, the product inventory must be transferred separately. Currently (23.04.2024) the value of the stock is approx. 74,000€.

In 2023, the product generated €269,000 in sales and a contribution margin of €21,500.

Your advantages:
Trademark registered with the DPMA (word/image) with brand logo
→ Immediate market entry into the backpack/bag sector.
→ Further development of the product portfolio / expansion of the brand

Unique backpack design with attention to detail, no product copying.

→ Existing differentiation from existing competition.

Since my business partner and I do the Amazon FBA business on the side and we both work full-time in our main jobs, there is not much time left for it. With more time for the business, much more potential can be extracted from the product.

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Seller: GMProducts
Published on:23.04.2024
Seller last active:last month


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