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POD Online Shop with strong Etsy Channel | Annual Revenue €120,000 | 40% Margi

Online Shop with POD Products | Focus on Etsy | 400 Listings optimized for relevant Keywords related to "Gifting"


For sale is our online shop, featuring a portfolio of 14 products with over 400 designs optimized for relevant keywords related to "gifting."Launched as an Etsy project in the summer of 2021, the shop achieved €13,000 in monthly revenue during its first Christmas season. Shortly after, we established a Shopify-based online shop to attract Etsy customers with discount offers and enhance SEO efforts. Since Q4 2021, our Etsy sales have been stable, ensuring a steady order flow with minimal effort.

Key Figures
  • Annual Revenue: €120,000
  • Profit Margin: 40%
  • Average Marketing Spend: 5% of revenue
  • Conversion Rate: 2%
  • Average Monthly Revenue (Winter Months): €20,000
Our product range is designed to maximize sales during the Christmas season when Etsy's purchasing power is at its peak. Continuous process optimization has minimized the effort required to maintain operations.

Customer Base and Marketing
  • Customer Count: 13,000
  • Marketing Budget: Deliberately kept low, offering substantial optimization potential.
  • Instagram: Currently inactive, but strategic partnerships present significant opportunities.
  • SEO Performance: Significant room for improvement.
Operational Details
We handle our own production and can offer the buyer special conditions for continued production. Alternatively, all products can be sourced from well-known print-on-demand manufacturers, ensuring a smooth transition.

Growth Potential
There is considerable growth potential in underutilized marketing channels like Instagram, Google Ads, and SEO. Strategic partnerships can bring in new customers outside of Etsy, and the existing customer base can be leveraged for new campaigns. Additionally, implementing a newsletter could significantly boost customer retention, which currently stands at 2.71%.

Reason for Sale
Due to multiple concurrent projects, we haven't had the time to fully maximize the shop's potential. As a result, we've set up the shop to ensure consistent returns with minimal effort. Now that we are exclusively focused on the B2B sector, the shop no longer fits into our workflow.We will, of course, support the buyer with any questions that arise in the first few months

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Seller: GlamourDesign
Published on:01.06.2024
Seller last active:this week


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