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This project has been for sale since 25.03.20.

Krisentalk Forum/Blog & factblog.com-- Exchange in times of crisis

Domain www.krisentalk.de and factblog.com to be handed over. Sold individually or with associated content and community/blog softw


Project Type: SAAS, Content
Income Source: Amazon Affiliate, Affiliate Marketing, AdSense, Info Products
n February 2012, a small team and I brought the website Krisentalk.de online. It is an open blog platform on which everyone can submit their ideas and comments on current social crises. The hanger at that time was the global financial crisis. Today, in the age of war and climate, the need for information exchange and marketing of crisis articles and tips has of course increased enormously.

I'm completely open regarding the manner of the handover and the scope of the sale. Both the complete sale as well as cooperation would be possible. Selling price or alternatively shares in possible future profits would be freely negotiable. Domain kundentalk.de , content and software can be purchased together, but also individually.

Here are a few facts about the site:

Domain :   kundentalk.de & factblog.com
  • 300 articles (corresponds to approx. 1.5 million characters); plus 250 partly detailed comments. Articles from the community and partly from well-known experts. For example, Bernd Lucke, founder of the AfD, in 2012 before the party was founded. Or financial expert Frank Schäffler
  • Over 140 registered users / email addresses to participate in the discussion on the platform
  • Twitter account with 1,574 tweets and 330 followers
  • Runs for free in the Google cloud (0€ operating costs)
  • Specific blog and CMS system for Krisentalk.de with many advantages over standard systems
  • Tight integration with Krisentalk Twitter account to automatically generate articles from relevant tweets. (Newsflash + crisis chirping article)
  • Monetization : Integration of Google AdSense and Amazon's PartnerNet
  • Verified by Google News so that news and expert articles appear on news.google.de!
  • Newsletter dispatch to registered users with the latest blog posts
  • Programmed in Java / Freemarker
  • Effort for software development approx. 10 man-weeks (corresponds to > €15,000 development costs)
Ex traffic:
  • In the past it was 1,000 different readers per month.
    You traffic statistics: traffic.png
  • SEO basis: there are over 500 external links on rissentalk.de!
    Please see links stats here: links.png

Further information and screenshots can be found on the sales information page: http://www.krisentalk.de

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Seller: mos
Published on:25.03.2020
Seller last active:last year


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