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Huge B2B industry directory with over 36,000 entries.

Service and product brokerage portal for the mediation of services and articles of all kinds


Revenue in Euro Profit in Euro
89.273,00 54.108,00


Project Type: SAAS, Agency, Marketplace, Content, E-Commerce
Income Source: Amazon Affiliate, Affiliate Marketing, AdSense, Subscription, Info Products, Physical Products
CMS Software: Wordpress
Shop Software: WooCommerce
Platform: eBay, Amazon FBA
Revenue streams for the portal:
  1. Brokerage Commissions: The portal receives a commission for each successful brokerage of products or services.
  2. Monthly Fees for Company Listings: Companies can purchase subscriptions for listing their products and services on the portal, whereby the portal receives monthly subscription fees.
  3. Sale of Advertising Space: The portal can sell advertising space to companies to generate additional revenue.
  4. Sale of Quality Seals: By selling star ratings, companies can generate additional revenue, with the portal charging fees for providing these ratings.
  5. Sale of Leads: The portal can sell qualified leads to other platforms and generate revenue.
  6. Sale of Additional Services: Additional services can be sold to service providers to enhance their credibility and generate additional revenue.
  7. Job Placement: The portal can charge commissions for successfully placed jobs or offer access to its job portal for a fee.
  8. Sale of Company Reviews and Blog Posts: Companies can pay for blog posts and reviews to be published on the portal.
  9. Sale of Job Inquiries: The portal can charge for posting job inquiries and earn revenue from the sale of these inquiries.
Through these diverse revenue streams, the portal can be operated successfully and establish a solid financial foundation.

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