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Kingzman Tattoobedarf Branded - approx. 4.000Euro turnover/month - margin 250%

Tattoo supplies brand with own product line, very well established, top SEO results, inventory 130K, B2C & B2B


Project Type: E-Commerce
Income Source: Physical Products
CMS Software: Wordpress
Shop Software: WooCommerce
Platform: Amazon FBA, eBay
Discover the future: acquisition of Kingzman Professional Tattoo Equipment.

Are you ready for an extraordinary opportunity? Welcome to Kingzman Professional Tattoo Equipment - an established brand that not only offers quality tattoo supplies, but also a chance to be part of a success story.

Here you will find a short summary of what you need to know, if you want to know everything in detail, I have set up an extra page for you at the following link: 

If you miss numbers and diagrams in this short description, then click on the link and learn everything!

Target group and market potential:
We appeal to a broad target audience, including tattoo enthusiasts, professional tattoo artists, as well as business owners in the tattoo supply sector. The continued interest in tattoos and tattoo products makes Kingzman a desirable brand with enormous potential. In Germany alone, there are over 3,000 tattoo studios and numerous retailers in the tattoo supplies segment, making for a rich and ever-growing market.

Revenue Sources and Business Model:
Our revenue comes from selling products through our website, eBay and in the future Amazon. Our business model is robust and versatile, with a proven approach. There are additional revenue streams to this which can be read about at the link above.

Uniqueness and Competitive Advantages:
Kingzman is distinguished by 100% natural products. Our trademark is registered at the DPMA, which underlines our authenticity. The name "Kingzman" is memorable and stands out. The large inventory and the fast shipping service that comes with it, contribute to the 100% positive reviews. These are sub-factors that set us apart from others.

Traffic, reach and SEO success:
Our website generates a substantial traffic of 80-100 prospects every day. We owe this impressive reach not only to our social media presence and an expanding newsletter subscriber base, but also to our thoughtful SEO approach. Through targeted search engine optimization, we are able to steadily improve the visibility of our website without incurring a dime in advertising costs. This allows us to target a diverse community of tattoo enthusiasts, established artists and budding professionals in the tattoo supplies segment. Our achieved SEO ranking and organic visibility form the backbone of our continued growth, opening up opportunities for us to communicate our message to a broad and engaged audience.

Growth potential and diversity of opportunity:
At Kingzman Professional Tattoo Equipment, there is not only established success, but also a wealth of exciting opportunities for future development. Our foundation is already strong, and now there are several promising avenues available to us to realize our full potential.

Expansion of the product range:
An important cornerstone of our growth plan is the expansion of our product variety. There are several opportunities to include third-party brands in order to draw customers' attention to our own brand. 

Local retail store:
Opening a physical store in a strategic location can significantly strengthen local presence. Through personal interactions with customers, a closer relationship could be built, or the local tattoo studios promptly supplied with products.

Participation in tattoo conventions and industry events:
Presence at renowned tattoo conventions and trade events opens up direct contacts with tattoo artists and studios.

Focus on digital marketing:
Expanding a digital marketing strategy will help maximize online presence. Targeted advertising campaigns, a strong social media presence and SEO optimization play a key role in this.

Cooperation with Tattoo Supply Shops:
Strategic partnerships with established tattoo supply stores could expand the distribution network and position the brand in a wider range of channels.

At Kingzman Professional Tattoo Equipment, we have created not just a company, but a platform for constant innovation and success.

Don't miss the opportunity to be a part of this promising journey.

Support and Transition:
We provide comprehensive support to make the transition process seamless. Your success is our goal.

Contact Us:
When you're ready to shape the future of Kingzman Professional Tattoo Equipment, contact us.

This is your opportunity to not only sell tattoo supplies, but to be part of tattoo scene history.

Kingzman.one website and store
eBay Shop Design
Amazon Trademark Transfer
Trademark rights DPMA
Domains: kingzman.one, kingzman.eu, kingzman.supply, kingzman.tattoo
Stock value 130.000 Euro
Stock accessories
designs, pictures, videos, catalog
Contact details to dealers, producers etc.

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Published on:03.09.2023
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