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Online shop with over €1 million in revenue in just 12 months

Online shop selling exclusive love bracelets


Revenue in Euro Profit in Euro
1.170.187,00 417.811,00
In the last months
Revenue in Euro Revenue in Euro
Feb. 2024 106.617,00
Jan. 2024 109.010,00
Dec. 2023 458.214,00
Feb. 2024 37.315,00
Jan. 2024 38.135,00
Dec. 2023 160.374,00
In the last years
Revenue in Euro Revenue in Euro
2023 933.430,00
2023 326.700,00


Project Type: Agency, E-Commerce
Income Source: Physical Products
Platform: Shopify

Online shop selling exclusive love bracelets
Price: €99.000

After a successful period of building and growth, our online shop, Lunarise.de, is ready for sale. Since our inception on March 1, 2023, we have generated a total revenue of over €1,170,187.42 with an average profit margin of approximately 35%.

Key figures:

Total revenue (March 1, 2023 – March 19, 2024): €1.170.187,42
Profit: €417,811.94

Number of orders / customers: 8533
Average order value: €123.31

Added to cart: 3.94%
Reached checkout: 3.01%
Converted sessions: 1.31%

Revenue for the last 3 months:

December 2023: €458,214.04
January 2024: €109,010.47
February 2024: €106,617.41

Our focus is on exclusive love bracelets marketed through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Google. With a solid conversion rate of 1.31% and 8,533 orders, we have established ourselves as a brand in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

What makes us unique is our exclusive contract with Totwoo, which grants us sole distribution rights for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. This exclusive partnership has enabled us to build a loyal customer base and expand our product range.

Our business model includes direct shipping from China, ensuring efficient logistics and allowing us to offer our customers high-quality products at competitive prices.

The reason for the sale is that I (CEO, Alex Mignogna) have decided to move abroad and pursue a new project. Therefore, I am now seeking a new owner for Lunarise.de who can further develop the company's potential.

Project contents:

– Web space
– Web project
– Social media pages
– Inventory
– Domain
– Logo
– Texts
– Video ads

Optimization potentials:

– Increase in the number of orders through a new Google marketing campaign. Currently, we are limited to a brand campaign when users search for "Lunarise".– Integration of additional products. More products are available at https://totwooglobal.store/en that can be added to our inventory.

– Testing a new marketing approach. So far, we have focused exclusively on romantic relationships in our ads. However, our products are also suitable for friendships or relationships between parents and children, especially with regard to Mother's Day/Father's Day.

– Increase in profits through the purchase of larger quantities and processing through a fulfillment center in Germany. This can ensure faster delivery and thus higher customer satisfaction.

– Email marketing to promote additional products to our existing customer base.

Project costs:

Approximately €80 monthly for Shopify

Additional services:

– Willingness to answer additional questions
– Personal phone call
– Price negotiable
– Free training
– Assistance with web space migration
– Referral to suppliers and business contacts

If you are interested in an established online shop with strong growth potential, which has already built a strong presence in the DACH region and offers exclusive products from Totwoo, then I look forward to your inquiry. For further information, please contact us via Mabya.

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Seller: alexmignogna
Published on:19.03.2024
Seller last active:this week


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